A hackathon to create ideas that can make an impact in Pakistan and the world.

Hackathon Sponsors


$30,000 in prizes

Fast track to annual grant (3)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Judging Criteria

  • How have you collaborated globally? [20%]
    -Did you work or interact with colleagues in another city? How did you collaborate and communicate? -What tools did you use to collaborate (e.g Github, Pakathon Forum, Skype
  • Tell us your story and share progress over the weekend [40%]
    -Share the bios of your team and tell us why you are the right people to be working on this -What is the project you are working on? -Demonstrate evidence of progress over the weekend
  • How are you making an impact? [40%]
    -What is the size of the market or the number of people impacted? -How do you plan on reaching your target audience? -How do you plan on making this financially sustainable?

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